A large percentage of the workforce of the Western states of India is engaged in the primary sector. IndiastatWest has covered the complete statistical information about Western India regarding Child Labour, Civil Services, Employment, Labour Courts, Labour Disputes, Labour Welfare, Professionals, Provident Fund, Trade Unions, Training, Wages, Work Participation Rate, Workforce and Working Abroad.

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Child Labour Child Labour: Distribution of Child Labour National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR)
Civil Services Civil Services: Civil Services Examinations Strength of IAS Officers Strength of IPS Officers
Employment Employment Activities: Employment Situation Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS) Employment: Disabled Employment Employment Activities Employment by Major Industry/Sectors Employment by Major Industry/Sectors: Banking and Insurance Central Government Employees Civil Aviation Factories Forestry Khadi and Village Industries Mining Industries Other Industries Other Organised Sector Petroleum Industries Private Sector Public Sector Public Sector Enterprises Railways Road Transport Undertakings Scheduled Commercial Banks Ship-Building/Ship-Repairing Companies Shops and Commercial Establishments Small Scale Industries (SSI) Telecommunications Textile Industries Workforce in Agricultural Plantation Employment Exchanges Employment in Informal Sector Service Sector Unemployment Situation Women Employment Employment Exchanges: Educated Jobseekers in Employment Exchanges Employment Exchange for Disabled Employment Exchanges for General Population Employment Exchanges for Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribes/Other Backward Classes (SC/ST/OBC) and Minorities Employment Exchanges for Women Jobseekers Registered in Employment Exchanges Survey on Employment Exchanges Service Sector: Operational Characteristics of Unincorporated Non-agricultural Enterprises Service Sector Enterprises (Economical) Service Sector Enterprises (Operational) Unincorporated Non-Agricultural Enterprises in Manufacturing, Trade and Other Service Sector Unorganised Service Sector Women Employment: Women Employment in Organised Sectors by Industry and Branch/Size of Establishments Women Employment in Various Sectors
Labour CourtsLabour Courts
Labour Disputes Labour Disputes: Annual Labour Disputes Monthly Labour Disputes
Labour Welfare Labour Welfare: Labour Welfare under Various Labour Act/Schemes Maternity Benefit
Provident Fund Provident Fund: Financial Performance of Employees Provident Funds Scheme Physical Performance of Employees Provident Funds Scheme
Trade Unions Trade Unions: Expenditure of Trade Unions General Funds of Trade Unions Income of Trade Unions Miscellaneous Number and Membership of Trade Unions
Training Training: Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) Training Institutes/Centres Training Schemes/Programmes
Wages Minimum Wages: Enforcement of Minimum Wages Act, 1948 Minimum Wage Rate Occupational Wage Survey on Industries: Engineering Industries Mining Industries Tea Processing Industries Textile Garments Industries Textile Industries Wage Rates for Agricultural Occupations: Wage Rates for Cane Crushing Wage Rates for Fishermen Wage Rates for Harvesting/Winnowing/Threshing Workers Wage Rates for Herdsmen/Animal Husbandry Workers Wage Rates for Horticulture Workers Wage Rates for Loggers and Wood Cutters Wage Rates for Packaging Labourers Wage Rates for Picking Workers Wage Rates for Plant Protection Workers Wage Rates for Ploughing/Tilling Workers Wage Rates for Sowing/Planting/Transplanting/Weeding Workers Wage Rates for Various Agricultural Occupations Wage Rates for Non-Agricultural Occupations: Wage Rates for Bamboo, Cane Basket Weavers Wage Rates for Beedi Makers Wage Rates for Blacksmith Wage Rates for Carpenter Wage Rates for Cobbler Wage Rates for Construction Workers (Roads/Dams/Well Diggers etc.) Wage Rates for Electrician Wage Rates for Handicraft Workers Wage Rates for Mason Wage Rates for Plumbers Wage Rates for Sweeper Wage Rates for Tractor Driver Wage Rates for Unskilled Labourers Wage Rates for Various Non-Agricultural Occupations Wage Rates for Weavers Wages: Index Numbers of Wage Rates Minimum Wages Occupational Wage Survey on Industries Wage Rates for Agricultural Occupations Wage Rates for Non-Agricultural Occupations Wages Earnings of Workers
Work Participation RateWork Participation Rate
Workforce Workforce: Main Workers Marginal Workers Non-Workers Total Workers
Working Abroad Working Abroad: Annual Emigration Monthly Emigration

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